Exterior repairs
Alloy wheel repair  
Kerb damage and scrapes can be repaired on painted alloy wheels by using resins and repainting using colour matched waterbased paints resulting in a satisfactory repair. 
Textured bumper and trim repair
Textured bumpers are repaired using resins and hot plastic welding techniques depending on amount and type of damage. Bumpers are then re-textured and coloured to match.Textured trim and wing mirror casings can also be repaired using this method.
 Painted bumper and trim repairs
Painted bumpers and trim are repaired in the same way as textured bumpers but are refinished using water based paints and blended to match.
Windscreen repairs
Windscreens are repaired using the latest ESPRIT repair system
enabling an almost invisible repair to the majority of chips.
Interior repairs
Cigarette burn repair
Burns are repaired using a velour flock to fill the damaged area. Please note these repairs are not invisible but do look better than a burn. Result varies on the colour of the seat. Repairs on dark upholstery are less noticeable than on light upholstery.
Interior plastic trim repair
Damage to hard plastic trim is repaired using flexible repair resin that is shaped, textured and coloured using flexible plastic colour coat.
Leather seat repairs
Scuffing to the edges and bolsters of leather seats can be re-coloured to match using leather dyes and colour coat.
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